How Can Acupuncture Treat You?

Ancient China is the place where acupuncture was born. It has been producing beneficial results against various types of diseases since the day of its inception. It maintains the proper flow of energy in our body parts and at the very same time, it improves the function of healing. The diseases against which it produces effective results are discussed underneath.


Headache is one of the diseases that can be found in almost everyone. To cure the disease from the root level, acupuncture supplies a beneficial way.

Weight loss

Acupuncture helps you in gaining a perfect health by reducing the extra weight that you might have put on. If you are treated with acupuncture regularly, you will find yourself more flexible with a healthy diet. Even, the exercises connected with the treatment will add some extra effort to the weight loss program.


Acupuncture cures migraines. People get affected with the disease because of the increasing tension. Acupuncture reduces it from the root level and thereby it cures the disease. The most amazing thing about the treatment is that it can cure migraine without giving you pain.

Immunity Power

Acupuncture also works in helping you getting back the immunity power that you have lost with the passage of time. With a strong immune system, you can fight against various common diseases.


One of the diseases against which acupuncture has produced extraordinary result is infertility. It helps enhancing the functions of the reproductive organs by maintaining the proper flow of blood. The reason behind the increase in the number of women who are affected with infertility is the increasing stress that they have to deal with regularly. Acupuncture helps to reduce stress and thereby cure infertility from the root level. Patients who are suffering from blocked sperm ducts, should try the treatment to get back into normalcy. It is informed that you should not try acupuncture if you are being treated with any other medical treatment.

Apart from all these benefits, acupuncture maintains the temperature of the body so that the body parts can perform well. Very often, the method of acupuncture treatment is not considered safe because sometimes people get infected. This is why the needles that are used in the method, should be cleaned with disinfectants at first. People also avoid it because of the pain associated with the treatment. You should not be afraid of it as you will feel a slight sensation while the needles will be inserted into your body.

8 Surprising Reasons Why Acupuncture Treatment Is So Popular

Although it is a part of ancient Chinese medicine, acupuncture is quite popular as a holistic, wellness treatment in the United States. Acupuncture is based on the restoration of energy flow in the body. Acupuncture involves insertion of thin needles in key parts of your body to relieve pain and have a positive effect in several health conditions.

Acupuncture is a simple, non-surgical treatment performed in an acupuncturist’s office or a wellness center that can work wonders for your overall health. Here are the most common reasons why acupuncture is widely popular.


Millions of people in the United States suffer from chronic pain, especially lower back pain. An experienced and skilled acupuncturist can help reduce the leading source of pain – inflammation. Besides, it promotes a better blood flow through your body. Acupuncture treatments are said to promote the production of endorphins, body’s natural pain relievers.


Modern lifestyle is sedentary and people spend a lot of time hunched over screens in wrong postures. That can cause pressure and tightness in your muscles? Acupuncture can help by increasing the blood flow, keeping your muscles nourished and relieving tension.


If you have had an injury recently, improved blood flow after acupuncture will ensure speedy recovery.


Stress, a leading cause of health problems, can ruin your physical and mental health. Acupuncture treatments are used at wellness centers, such as Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center in San Diego, to eliminate the adverse effects of stress by stimulating the production of serotonin (or the Happiness Hormone), apart from endorphins.


Your immunity is your body’s natural foreign matter and infection fighting mechanism. Acupuncture can increase the T-cell count (also known as the “Fighter Cells”), and it can also relieve the most bothersome flu symptoms.


Sleep is restorative in nature. It is when you sleep that your body repairs and restores itself. Lack of proper can cause stress and other health problems. Acupuncture can reduce stress and regulate your sleep pattern andrestore production of melatonin (the hormone responsible for inducing sleep).


Athletes and people with active lifestyle who are looking for an improvement in strength and endurance can seek an experienced acupuncturist. Acupuncture treatment in San Diego can help by improving circulation and nourishment to your tissues and muscles. In addition, it relieves muscle stiffness.


Losing weight may be a very difficult task for some people. Acupuncture improves digestion, boosts metabolism and reduces water retention, thereby aiding faster fat burnout and weight loss.

How to Treat High Blood Pressure With The Help of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the most effective and versatile treatment therapies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Acupuncture has recently gained a significant popularity across the world as it can be used to treat a number of diseases and ailments with a greater degree of efficiency. One of the biggest reasons why Acupuncture has been so popular is that it is free from any side effects. Other ‘conventional’ treatment methods which involves taking pills and other such medication, often causes some harmful side effects and that is probably the reason why a number of people often refrain from taking the help of such techniques. On the other hand, acupuncture is free from side effects and hence much safer than conventional treatment techniques.

In the United Kingdom, there is a growing popularity of Acupuncture and certain similar treatment therapies. The people of UK are using Acupuncture to treat a number of diseases. One such ailment is high blood pressure. High blood pressure is an ailment that is found in the majority of people in the UK. People often take different pills and medicines and follow a lot of restrictions to keep their blood pressure in check. Such things might keep other blood pressure in check but at the same point of time, they prevent us from living a normal life and having fun. At times, these pills might cause some serious side effects, which make our life even tougher. Acupuncture protects from all such effects. It is a safe and side-effect free treatment therapy which does not require following any hard instructions and does not have any detrimental effect on your lifestyle.

Acupuncture involves the use of very fine needles. These needles are carefully inserted into your skin at various points known as acupressure points. This does not any bleeding and contrary to what many might believe, it is also painless. By regulating the pressure on different areas of the body, acupuncture helps to promote normal blood flow and hence, helps in the reduction of blood pressure.

However, you must consider a few things before getting in touch with an acupuncture expert UK. The first thing that you should look for is the qualification and experience of the professional. Only a highly qualified and experienced acupuncture specialist would be able to offer you an effective treatment. The next thing is the approach of the professional. The acupuncturist must have an in-depth approach to the problem. He/she would first look at your case history and then after detailed discussion with you devise a treatment plan that would help you get rid of the problem of high blood pressure in the most effective way.

If you are looking for the best names in Acupuncture in UK, then it is recommended that you take the help of the leading acupuncture clinics in Wokingham. The leading names in the field of Acupuncture Wokingham have a team of experts who would ensure that you get the best treatment.

What Can Natural Herbal Medicine Teach us About Prostatitis Tcm Therapy?

Prostatitis can be considered as a state of prostate disease along with a series of symptoms which are usually characterized by inflammation of the prostate gland. The disease generally affects males who suffer from prostate enlargement. According to the different conditions, it is classified into prostatitis-bacterial or non-bacterial. Patients with prostatitis typically have long-lasting genitourinary/pelvic pain and obstructive and/or irritative voiding symptoms. Sexual dysfunction and psychological symptoms are frequently added to these symptoms. Prostate congestion is very common symptom for this disease. Congestive prostatitis is characterized by accumulation of fluids in the gland; however etiopathogenesis of prostatitis is not well defined.

Although it has no a serious threat to men health and in most cases prostate congestion relief within a few weeks after taking drugs, but what makes patients fidget is the conditions will relapse, early diagnosis is important, as it can lead to hepatic congestion, cirrhosis and Budd-Chiari syndrome (BCS) and can predispose to development of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in severe cases. For a long time, many patients want to seek an efficacy and safe way to manage the conditions, because antibiotic therapy only remains the basis of treatment for both acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis, besides, this treatment can sometimes have side effects and serious complications, more worse it cannot kill the inflammation permanently.

Recently, natural herbal medicine treatment for the prostate congestion has been revealed. Natural herbal medicine therapy was gradually accepted by more and more people since it has less adverse events and great effects on the disease compared to the western medicine. Furthermore, the function of herbal medicine behind the ability to tolerate infections is superior to antibiotics. Natural herbal medicine is a promising therapy for relieving symptoms in prostatitis.

Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill served as a quiet effective Chinese herbal medicine has become the first choice for the more and more patients, what the patients take into account is its rare and slightly side effects.

In TCM theory, the symptoms of prostatitis are caused by infection or inflammation, and result in the blood congestion in lesion parts. Since Wuhan Dr. Lee TCM Clinic employed the symptomatic treatment, using herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to clear away heat and toxic materials, kill the bacterial or other pathogens, and eliminate inflammation. Except that, natural herbs could also promote blood circulation, and improve the microcirculation of prostate, which helps to eliminate the toxic materials and absorb nutrient substance. In this way, traditional remedies could strengthen the prostate function. Moreover, some herbs also fortify the function of anti-hyperplasia, anti-calcification, anti-fibrosis, and reduce the symptoms of frequent or urgent urination, and painful urination.

What’s more, Wuhan Dr. Lee TCM Clinic also adopts a dialectical therapy in prostatitis treatment. With regard to prostatitis in different period and devise symptoms, Dr. Lee, the inventor of herbal formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, puts forward the individual treatment, and emphasize the specific treatment for different patients.

Besides, TCM has its advantage over western medicine for the treatment of prostate pain. Traditional Chinese medicine could relieve the pain of prostate by comprehensive nursing and symptomatic treatment. The related treatments include acupuncture and herbal medicine.