Is Acupuncture Really Better Than Other Medical Methods?

Acupuncture is quite exceptional because its effect does not cease on the administering of any other healing methods. For instance its effect will not diminish if you take an allopathic pill. But this is something that does not work in the other medical disciplines. Allopathic and homeopathic means are considered to be very different. Not only this, but they negate the effect of the other. For instance, if you take a homeopathic pill and an allopathic pill during a fever, chances are that you shall still have the fever because the two different medicines have negated the effect of the other. Acupuncture is not like this.

One of the most common questions which is asked by curious and wonder-struck people is how acupuncture works. The practitioners of this art believe that every person has a personal life energy, which they call Chi energy. The energy flows through the entire body by lines called Meridians. It is believed that a person is healthy because his or her Chi energy flows freely. But when someone’s energy becomes blocked, it leads to diseases and illnesses. One may compare blocked chi to block blood at an artery. The solution to these problems, the practitioners believe, is carried out by applying the practice of acupuncture to the afflicted body. The needles used in Acupuncture Clinics in Glenelg are said to unblock or open the gates of energy which once more makes a person healthy. Acupuncture is suitable for healing a wide variety of illnesses and diseases. This includes respiratory diseases like asthma, lung disorders, digestive disorders such as indigestion, acidity and gas, circulatory problems, hormonal and reproductive problems, addictions, smoking, alcohol, substance abuse, nerve problems, muscular problems, stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, and insomnia. Apart for these benefits, the entire immune system is automatically made strong by any acupuncture treatment. It brings about an inner strength just like the one brought on by the regular practice of yoga. Chronic problems are solved and a sense of personal alleviation is brought about. Many of these problems take too much time to solve through mainstream medical methods, or cannot solve them at all. The sole reason for their failure and for the rise of Acupuncture in Adelaideis that this medical art considers the mind, body and spirit as one, or three things which are not only interrelated but joined as well. Today, a large percentage of the global population actively practice or are known this ancient medical method.

This brings us to the question of how this wonderful medical art functions or what can be xpected for its treatment. It is strongly suggested that the patient brings records of their previous medical history. This shall help the healer, also called the acupuncturist in this profession, to keep a tab on your progress. After feeling your pulse, thin and safe needles are inserted into the body. The patient is made to rest like this for 10 minutes, after which he or she shall emerge refreshed.