8 Surprising Reasons Why Acupuncture Treatment Is So Popular

Although it is a part of ancient Chinese medicine, acupuncture is quite popular as a holistic, wellness treatment in the United States. Acupuncture is based on the restoration of energy flow in the body. Acupuncture involves insertion of thin needles in key parts of your body to relieve pain and have a positive effect in several health conditions.

Acupuncture is a simple, non-surgical treatment performed in an acupuncturist’s office or a wellness center that can work wonders for your overall health. Here are the most common reasons why acupuncture is widely popular.


Millions of people in the United States suffer from chronic pain, especially lower back pain. An experienced and skilled acupuncturist can help reduce the leading source of pain – inflammation. Besides, it promotes a better blood flow through your body. Acupuncture treatments are said to promote the production of endorphins, body’s natural pain relievers.


Modern lifestyle is sedentary and people spend a lot of time hunched over screens in wrong postures. That can cause pressure and tightness in your muscles? Acupuncture can help by increasing the blood flow, keeping your muscles nourished and relieving tension.


If you have had an injury recently, improved blood flow after acupuncture will ensure speedy recovery.


Stress, a leading cause of health problems, can ruin your physical and mental health. Acupuncture treatments are used at wellness centers, such as Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center in San Diego, to eliminate the adverse effects of stress by stimulating the production of serotonin (or the Happiness Hormone), apart from endorphins.


Your immunity is your body’s natural foreign matter and infection fighting mechanism. Acupuncture can increase the T-cell count (also known as the “Fighter Cells”), and it can also relieve the most bothersome flu symptoms.


Sleep is restorative in nature. It is when you sleep that your body repairs and restores itself. Lack of proper can cause stress and other health problems. Acupuncture can reduce stress and regulate your sleep pattern andrestore production of melatonin (the hormone responsible for inducing sleep).


Athletes and people with active lifestyle who are looking for an improvement in strength and endurance can seek an experienced acupuncturist. Acupuncture treatment in San Diego can help by improving circulation and nourishment to your tissues and muscles. In addition, it relieves muscle stiffness.


Losing weight may be a very difficult task for some people. Acupuncture improves digestion, boosts metabolism and reduces water retention, thereby aiding faster fat burnout and weight loss.